Presenting the pro-life case to libertarians, and the libertarian case to pro-lifers
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Legacy L4L

Is It Just to Impose the Death Penalty?

Originally published as a Letter to the Editor in The Washington Times, April 28, 1992 I believe I can resolve the …

Legacy L4L

A note to members of the Libertarian Party

A note to members of the Libertarian Party, earlier versions of which were distributed at the 1996 and 1998 LP …

Legacy L4L

Why Parental Obligation?

A major debate among libertarians is over parental obligation. Do parents owe their dependent children care and support? Or do …

Legacy L4L

Abortion in the Case of Pregnancy Due to Rape

This is a draft, so your comments are welcome. Let’s begin by briefly summarizing what has to be assumed by …

Legacy L4L

Libertarianism is Pro-Life: An Introduction

Libertarianism is a political philosophy only Libertarianism does not seek to embrace matters of the soul. It is unlike religion, …

Legacy L4L

“Personally Opposed” to Abortion?

People tell us: “I’m personally opposed to abortion, but I think it should be legal.” Perhaps the notable version of …