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Presenting the pro-life case to libertarians, and the libertarian case to pro-lifers

The “Right” of Abortion: A Dogma in Search of a Rationale

Abortion seriously divides libertarians. This article will examine the arguments of three libertarians who support abortion as a legal right: Walter Block, Tibor Machan, and Murray Rothbard. 1 None of them advanced a case for this alleged right. Whether the unborn are “persons”, in the sense of human beings entitled to legal rights and immunities, […]

Fetal Rights: Enforceable in Principle

A response to “Fetal Rights: The Implication of a Supposed Ought,” by Tibor R. Machan An argument frequently used to defend keeping abortion legal is that banning abortion will necessarily lead to severe invasions of personal liberty — that there will be, for example, “pregnancy police”. One important example of this line of reasoning, from […]

A False Assumption: Human Fetuses are Non-Persons

The underlying premise in the arguments pro-abortionists give against fetal personhood is that non-persons can change into persons. They are saying that a living being can undergo a radical, essential change in its nature during its lifetime. But there is a logical problem here. If the change was biologically inevitable from conception, given time, then […]