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Presenting the pro-life case to libertarians, and the libertarian case to pro-lifers

Abortion, Choice, and the Future of the Libertarian Party

[This was originally distributed at the Libertarian Party’s National Convention held in Anaheim, Calif., June 29-July 3, 2000.] In two different planks (Population, and Women’s Rights and Abortion), the Platform of the Libertarian Party gives unconditional support to abortion choice — at any time, for any reason, partial-birth abortion, the works. Even many who support […]

The 2000 National LP Convention — A Personal Report

I’ve gone to every national LP convention since 1975, except one. My special concern at the 2000 convention was on pro-life and children’s rights issues, as it has been at previous conventions. I had barely finalized my travel arrangements to Anaheim in late June, when George Getz, the LP’s Press Secretary, asked me if I […]

A note to members of the Libertarian Party

A note to members of the Libertarian Party, earlier versions of which were distributed at the 1996 and 1998 LP Conventions, both held in Washington, D.C. I’m Doris Gordon, Delegate from Maryland. Some of you know me only in connection with Libertarians for Life, but I was known first in the Libertarian Party for other […]

On Assisted Suicide

In addressing “assisted suicide,” there are two separate areas of discussion. In principle, is there a right to suicide? If so, do you have a right to ask someone else to help you? Do you have the right to have any others perform the task entirely? Most libertarians answer yes to such questions. The second […]

“Personally Opposed” to Abortion?

People tell us: “I’m personally opposed to abortion, but I think it should be legal.” Perhaps the notable version of that comes from Roman Catholics abortion choicers: They insist they believe “what Catholics believe” on abortion, but don’t want to force their beliefs on others. The usual pro-life response is to argue the substance of […]

A Libertarian Atheist Answers “Pro-Choice Catholics”

Many who say they are personally opposed to abortion nonetheless support keeping abortion legal. Such a stance is often taken in the Catholic community, particularly by Catholics in politics. An example is Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. Calling herself “pro-choice,” she said that as a Catholic she believes “what Catholics believe on abortion,” and asked, “[I]s […]

Is It Just to Impose the Death Penalty?

Originally published as a Letter to the Editor in The Washington Times, April 28, 1992 I believe I can resolve the debate on whether punishments like imprisonment and the death penalty violate the unalienable rights to life and liberty (Letters, Shannon Johnson, April 11, and Richard E. Shipman, March 21). Actually, there is only one unalienable […]

Tax Funding for Slavery? …Then Why for Abortion?

[“The following editorial appeared in the Feb. 9 issue of the Detroit News. We found the reasoning so sound, its analysis so piercing we requested permission to reprint it.” — National Right to Life News, March 11, 1982.] Medicaid Abortions The Michigan Legislature is facing Governor Milliken’s 11th veto of a measure to restrict public […]

An Open Letter to Murray Rothbard on Andre Marrou, the Libertarian Party, and that “vexing” hole in the libertarian system — Children

Libertarians for Life 13424 Hathaway Drive Wheaton, MD 20906 Dr. Murray Rothbard, Editor Rothbard-Rockwell Report Center for Libertarian Studies P.O. Box 4091 Burlingame, CA 94011 Dear Murray: In reading some items in the Rothbard-Rockwell Report, I was reminded of differences you and I have had on what you once called “the difficult and vexing problem […]

Children’s Rights versus Murray Rothbard’s The Ethics of Liberty

You may have read reviews of Murray Rothbard’s book The Ethics of Liberty (Humanities Press, 1982). Unfortunately, most of the reviews failed to cover (or barely touched upon) how he handles the questions of abortion and children’s rights. And it is on these issues that Dr. Rothbard shows why so many find him exciting and […]