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Presenting the pro-life case to libertarians, and the libertarian case to pro-lifers
Legacy L4L

Doris Gordon’s Introduction to Prolife Libertarianism

A prominent libertarian writer once told me he was confused and conflicted on abortion — and requested that I not …

Legacy L4L

On the Abortion Issue, Technology Works Both Ways

This article appeared in the March 10, 1985 issue of the Washington Post.] In her article, “Because of Technology, Abortion …

Legacy L4L

Is It Just to Impose the Death Penalty?

Originally published as a Letter to the Editor in The Washington Times, April 28, 1992 I believe I can resolve the …

Legacy L4L

Abortion, Choice, and the Future of the Libertarian Party

[This was originally distributed at the Libertarian Party’s National Convention held in Anaheim, Calif., June 29-July 3, 2000.] In two …

Legacy L4L

Being Pro-Life Is Necessary to Defend Liberty

Pro-life libertarians have a vital task to perform: to persuade the many abortion-supporting libertarians of the contradiction between abortion and …

Legacy L4L

Abortion and Libertarianism’s First Principles

The essence of libertarianism is not the right to do whatever we choose. Instead, it’s the negative right to be …